Hatchimals Mystery Minis Sound Clip-On Colleggtibles | Hatchimal egg – each hatchimal inside making unique sounds – Collect each one of them ! – Perfect gift for your child

£14.99 (as of 17th March 2020, 10:45 am)

HATCHIMALS : Hatchimals Mystey MiniSound Clip-On Collectables are the newest hatched batch straight out of Hatchtopia!
MAGICAL SURPRISE: Who can be inside? It’s a surprise! Each egg contains a sound clip-on Hatchimals with super soft plush fur. Once you’ve played with the egg and opened it , you’ll see the cutest plush hatchimal with their bright eyes greeting you with a sound ! 14 Hatchimals to collect – Pengualas , Draggles,Bearakeets, Owlicorns, Burtles !
NEVER LOOSE IT: This Hachimals have a Clip-on to ensure these little fellows are never lost, whilst you take them everywhere with you!

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